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Hotline Reports

Within 24 hours of a call or web submission, each individual report is filtered through ConcernCheck’s quality assurance process.


Files are proofread for spelling, grammar, and ease of reading. Following this process, the concern is posted to ConcernCheck’s client website and authorized personnel within your organization are issued a notification email, inviting them to login to access the report. User access can be determined for each type of concern reported.


ConcernCheck will also produce aggregate quarterly summary reports, categorizing employee comments by elected demographics and concern types. These reports are posted to the client website for authorized users to view and download.




Quarterly Trend Reports

Utilizing Checkwell’s proprietary technology, clients can request an aggregate quarterly reporting package that summarizes the data captured for each reporting period. The ‘Reason for Concern’ report provides a statistical breakdown of the reported concerns, and categorizes individual verbatim comments under each concern category. This report assists clients in prioritizing action based on the severity and frequency of each concern type.


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