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"Economic Crime in Canada has risen to its highest level in 6 years with 56% of companies reported being victims of Economic Crime during the previous 12 months."



"83% of Economic Crime victims in Canada reported asset misappropriation as their most common type of fraud."



"More than 24% of Canadian companies that were victims of fraud within the past year estimated their direct fraud related loss to be greater than US$500,000."



"Of the 59% of Canadian companies that were victim of Economic Crime, 38% identified the main perpetrator as an employee (55% were middle managers; 45% were junior staff)."



"Despite increasing levels of fraudulent activity and the perception of increased fraud risk amidst turbulent market conditions, 69% of Canadian companies surveyed have not changed their frequency of conducting fraud risk assessment."

*All of the above statistics are from PricewaterhouseCooper's 2009 Economic Crime Survey.

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