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Benefits of a Hotline

Establishing an Employee Hotline makes a positive statement about your organization’s commitment to employee needs, and provides your workforce with the sense that their opinions matter and can make a difference. Employee Hotlines promote honesty and accountability throughout all levels of your organization.


Utilizing a third party service provider like ConcernCheck will allow your organization to benefit from our industry expertise, reporting capabilities and experienced HR Interviewers. Communication lines remain open, while at the same time, employees feel confident that there will be no reprisal for the concerns they report.


"Despite increasing levels of fraudulent activity and the perception of increased fraud risk amidst turbulent market conditions, 69% of Canadian companies surveyed have not changed their frequency of conducting fraud risk assessments."


PricewaterhouseCooper | Global Economics Crime Survey 2009

Protecting Anonymity

Whether an employee elects to report their concern by phone, or online, assuring them that their identity is protected is our number one priority. As a third party, ConcernCheck Interviewers can ease employees’ fear of recognition. We will make every attempt to gather all pertinent information related to their concern, such as their name, their superior’s name, the names of others who may be involved and the specific location within your organization; however, it is up to the employee to decide which details they are comfortable revealing; any identifying information included in the report is provided voluntarily by the initiating employee.  

Professional HR Interviewers

When employees choose to report their concern by phone, they will be connected with a ConcernCheck representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your employees will find comfort in the fact that ConcernCheck calls are never recorded. ConcernCheck Interviewers have the skills necessary to discern the facts while putting callers at ease. Interviewers will probe for more detail to best assist your organization in understanding the employee’s concern. When a report is suspected to be false, in whole or in part, asking the appropriate probing questions will reveal inconsistencies and will identify fabrication; our interviewing techniques act as a safeguard against anyone who tries to misuse the hotline services.


Multilingual Service

ConcernCheck offers multilingual service to you and your employees.  We offer our services in English, French, and Spanish. ConcernCheck is continuously expanding to meet the diverse needs of today’s marketplace, and has the ability to offer service in many languages. Currently we support over 14 languages in-house.  


Comprehensive Reporting

ConcernCheck services have been developed to best provide quality information in a format that is easy to use. Our representatives use advanced interviewing techniques to provide detailed verbatim feedback in individual and aggregate reports. Secure online delivery ensures clients can access reports at their convenience, and limit access to reports as required. ConcernCheck also offers aggregate reporting that assists in prioritizing action based on the severity and frequency of each concern type.


Data Security

ConcernCheck’s internal network is kept secure by a “deny by default” firewall configuration to ensure all electronic data is protected. Clients only access reports via ConcernCheck’s secure client access website, which features 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption certified by the Verisign Trust Network. All measures have been taken to comply with all Canadian and US Privacy and Information Legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

ConcernCheck employees' access to data is granted only through personal identification logins via proprietary applications that limit levels of clearance. Only key employees that have been granted security clearance by the Government of Canada are allowed to handle classified information. 


All data is stored in a secure database compliant with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Canada’s Multilateral Instrument 52-110. 


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