About Us

    Founded in 1989, Checkwell Decision Corporation ("Checkwell") is a leading provider of human resources interviewing and data management services.


    By applying our core competencies of professional HR Interviewing and Data Management to each of our business lines, Checkwell combines world-class people and technology solutions to facilitate well-informed decision making and assist clients in screening, retaining, and engaging their employees.


    Through our family of service brands, BackCheck, MoraleCheck, ConcernCheck and ExitCheck, Checkwell completes over two million services annually for thousands of organizations.


    For more than a decade, clients have turned to Checkwell to provide comprehensive workforce data to assist in the management of their human capital. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive employee engagement and retention solution, Checkwell combined the power of employee surveys by MoraleCheck, anonymous tips by ConcernCheck and exit interviews by ExitCheck into an innovative Continuous Employee Feedback tool.


    Discover the benefits of cross referencing workforce data gathered from each stage in the employment lifecycle.

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